March 7, 2019


Why You Should Travel to Tamale, Ghana



UNISC Annual conference is one of the mainstream activities of University Students Chamber International. The rationale of the conference is to bring together students Internationally to discuss about pertinent issues confronting the world with the sustainable Development Goals as the target of action. Ghana is privileged to host UNIAC this 2019.

Executives of UNISC GHANA by this virtue decided to host UNIAC GHANA 2019 in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. The rationale for choosing the Northern Region was because most challenging issues of poverty and its attendants ripple effects are prevalent in that region, therefore hosting UNIAC GHANA in Tamale will enable UNISC GHANA to have a road map as to how best it can influence the region positively.

By virtue of this upcoming conference it beckoned on UNISC GHANA to set the ball rolling with regards to preparations as soon as possible. This called for three executives including the President, the Public Relations Officer as well as the Organizing Secretary to embark on a journey to Tamale on 20th January, 2019 to put things in place towards the upcoming event.

The activities they were required to embark on included the following:

  • Meet the paramount chiefs of the various towns and inform them about UNIAC GHANA 2019
  • Make reservations at hotels to host our dignitaries who will be attending the conference.
  • Officially meet the headmasters of various basic schools and inform them about our upcoming event.

These tasked Executives arrived in Tamale on Monday, 21st January, 2019 at 4am in the morning. These Executives took the opportunity to scout the region and made enquiries to

facilitate their activities going forward.

On Tuesday 22nd January, 2019, the tasked executives in Tamale scheduled to meet the Metro Director of Education of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly as well as the chief of

Tamale. They as well visited the Zoegbeli Junior High School where they met the Assistant Headmaster, Mr Moro Abdullai. The tasked Executives made known to him the upcoming conference, afterwards he directed the tasked Executives to meet the Metro Director of Education, Mr Johnson Asare.

The Executives including Mr Addo Benjamin Armah, Miss Emefa Janet Agbedor, and Mr Ike Abaka Newton were successful in meeting the Metro Director of Education Mr Johnson Asare to inform him about UNIAC GHANA 2019. It is important to note that the tasked Executives were unsuccessful in meeting the Chief that very day as per their schedule, but were successful in meeting the chief linguist Mr Ahmed. Who scheduled with the tasked Executives to meet the chief on 23rd January, 2019.

On 23rd of January, 2019 met with the Acting Manager of Radach hotel. The rationale for the meeting was to discuss the terms and conditions with regards to how best we can offer

our dignitaries and our honorable officials as well as our members a better hospitality.

The meeting of the chief was rescheduled to the 24th Janaury,2019 because the chief happened not to sit on Wednesdays.

On the 24th January, 2019 the tasked Executives were successful in meeting the Regent chief of Tamale, Sulemanna Naa Mohammed Alhassan Dawuni. The meeting was to officially inform the Acting Chief about UNIAC GHANA 2019 to be held at Radach Hotel in TAMALE from the 23rd of June to 27th June 2019.

The regent Chief of Tamale expressed his gratitude for the efforts of UNISC GHANA.

He again pinpointed the fact that it was a laudable effort of UNISC-GHANA to inform the palace five months prior to the event in June. This clearly demonstrated that UNISC – GHANA is well organized Organization founded on the respect of protocol and devoted to promoting peace.

The Tasked Executives led by Addo Benjamin Armah, gave due diligence to the tradition of the region. The President gave a brief profile of UNISC GHANA as well as promised the chief to bring HAGA TATSUYA and his team to his palace when they come for the conference in June 2019.

The team also led by the President visited a Printing Press in Tamale to hold talks with them about the conference and printing of T-Shirts and all conference materials. The result was positive as they instantly agreed to do so for us at a discounted price. They in a matter of 24 hours made available samples of T-shirts to be used for the conference.

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